Saddleback College's Institutional Effectiveness Report was produced by the South Orange County Community College District's Office of Research and Planning, and developed in collaboration with and guidance from Saddleback College's Educational Planning and Assessment Committee.

The framework and data has evolved under the guidance of college faculty, administrators, and staff. The hope for this report is to provide the most useful information for the college community as it relates to student success and the management of the college. The Institutional Effectiveness Report presents information about the college's student and employee population, course offerings, enrollment patterns, and key student performance metrics.

The Institutional Effectiveness Report is organized into nine areas: College Student Profile, Instructional Offerings, First-Time College Students, Student Progress, Developmental Education (Basic Skills), Workforce Development (CTE), Student Achievement, Transfers, and Employee Headcount.

A secondary purpose of this report is to complement other data and reports, such as the California Community College Chancellor's Office Accountability and Reporting for Community Colleges (ARCC). The Institutional Effectiveness Report also provides a better understanding and deeper analysis of the ARCC data, which is used for accountability and assessment of the college at the state level.

The data collected here is generated from the South Orange County Community College District's inFORM Data Warehouse. In addition to the printed copy of the report, the actual data is continually accessible to the college. Utilizing the queries built to produce the report, Saddleback College's Office of Planning, Research and Grants can drill into more detail below the high level of aggregated data this report provides.

Lastly, this is an ongoing process. The future structure of this report will respond to the college's need for data that is aligned with major initiatives associated with Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management, Program Reviews, and other major projects on campus.